Whispers audio

We have our own renting of audio systems for excursions, conferences and simultaneous interpretation for 2000 people. Contact us for more.

  • Transmitter

    Absolute leader among new generation of audio systems: light-weight and compact, clear sound, works within 150 m distance and with embedded antenna. Works non stop up to 12 hours.

  • Receiver

    Exactly repeats transmitter external lines. Is also compact, light, works within 150 m distance and up to 12 hours.

  • Set

    All sets are packed in solid bags, their weight is under 1 kg, so it’s convenient to use. Each bag has different sections for headphones, microphones and devices itself. It’s all made to help you start your event quicker. We have different bag sizes that can fit up to 25, 40, 65 and more devices. In a set you will also get extra devices.

  • Audioequipment

    We use accessories recommended by manufacturers because it is comfortable to wear even when actively moving: great sound, no discomfort wearing headphones. Guide’s microphones are all noise-canceling. Guests can also use their own headphones that has 3,5 mm plug.

  • Delivery

    Our couriers will deliver your order in any time of a day. Receiving our set you will get all the necessary information about working with devices in a spare of 2-3 minutes. Our delivery is just 49 CZK around Prague. Minimal rent price in Prague and Czech Republic is 990 CZK and arranged price for orders outside of Czech. It is always possible to book a tour bus from us along with set of devices. We work for your convenience.